From Damascus, the oldest city in the world , Northwood, from Fouad Bouz for import and exports is proud to introduce SARGON trademark for food stuff, which is a wide variety of a very special and distinguished food stuff that is very famous in Syria since the old days of the Emperor SARGON who was the founder of the first empire (2300 B.c. ) and the organizer of the regional trading.  The phiniticinas carried on such trade overseas to expand to Europe in the east and west . However, we get back to introduce our traditional heritage products in the modern and developed methods , observing all safety and Health standards.

To combine between the good taste and the healthy product is not an easy issue at all … however, the geographic nature of Syria permits the growth and production of both fresh vegetables and fruits that do not need any conservatives or chemical treatment when processed in order to give a good taste and healthy product of high continuality

Out of these products : SARGON IS COMING to offer the best .

Our wide varieties and our offices is everywhere all over the world and our services is to be rendered at the highest levels and our products are guaranteed and safe. In addition, packing , qualitatively and size wise is tailored according to the customers needs and we are prepared to have home delivery in any country in any continent.

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